Yancheng City Xinde Petroleum Machinery Plant

Create: 24 Jun 2009     Update: 24 Jun 2009
Yancheng City Xinde Petroleum Machinery Plant  was established in 1996. It is a private owned enterprise with fixed capital of US$7.8 million.  The plant occupies a total  area of  66,600 square meters and employs more than 200 employees in two rotation shifts.
The plant has  obtained recognition as a leading  designer and  manufacturer of  quality equipment serving the oil and gas industry in the China market. The plant has  complete expert aftermarket service including technical training course in the design configuration, installation,  maintenance, operation drilling and production equipment.
The company is a member of CNPC Drilling and Producing Equipment and Spare Parts Supply Network. The plant maintained good  inventory of common  use  and  standards drilling and completion equipment and spares.
Contact information:
No.88, Xingdang Road, Jianhu,[224753]
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