Air Separation Equipment

Date: 05 Aug 2009

The air separation equipment products produced by the company include six types, i.e., those for film separation nitrogen generation, gas purification, drying, ammonia decomposition, oxygen generation and hydrogen generation. These products have passed the certification examination of Coal Mine Safety Bureau and relevant medical and sanitation administration authorities. They are widely used in ship building, coal mines, oil fields, military units, metallurgy, chemical and medical industrial. The market share of the company in coal mine industry ranks the top three. Underground mobile nitrogen generators used in coal mines adopt BF carbon molecular sieve, a technology from Germany, which leads to low operation cost, high absorption efficiency, automation operation, high reliability and easy adjustment of purity degree. This is the first pressure swing absorption technology used in China. The movable box-type film nitrogen generator adopts GENERON film separation technology from USA, which facilitates reliable operation, easy movement and flexible capacity expansion, and has clean and elegant appearance. In addition to satisfying domestic demand, these products are exported to countries such as Russia, India and Vietnam. The medical oxygen generators adopt imported parts from UOP (USA), OMRON (Japan), Norgren (England), Burkert (Germany), and are characterized by cost-effectiveness, logic design, easy operation, reliable running and automatic storage. They are the best choice for large and medium medical bodies. 

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