Desanding(CSQ300 × 2-type)

Date: 17 Jul 2009
First, the scope of application and use
Desanding cleaner fluid-control equipment is an important part of it is used to clear the screen shaker before drilling in a small particles of solid-state, so that the fluid in solid-phase content to be Effective control, and its ability to Desanding than-Desanding 30% to 50% in order to enhance the speed of drilling, drilling to lower the cost of providing a reliable guarantee, and can play in the Sham Tseng Desanding In addition to the mud.
Second, specifications and technical parameters
1. Specifications Model: CSQ300 × 2
2. Cyclone diameter: 300mm
3. Handling capacity: 240m3 / h
4. Separation of particle size: 40 ~ 110 μm
5. Pressure: 0.2 ~ 0.45MPa
6. Shaker frequency: 1445/1750 (60HZ) r / min
7. Screen size: 0.585 × 1.24m2
8. Electric power: 0.5Kw
9. Size: 1640 × 2050 × 2320 (mm)
10. Total mass: 800 Kg
Third, installation, commissioning and use of
a) Desanding clean installation location should be on the shaker, the base level necessary to put before stabilizing.
b) the use of pre-screening should be dismantled me locking bolts.
c) Desanding's normal operating pressure should be 0.2 ~ 0.45Mpa.
d) If pile of sand, sticky situations, such as blocking application of irrigation water, the shovel is not available, and other hard objects to act rude, so as not to cause damage to the screen of the non-normal.
Fourth, maintenance
3500 hours every vibration motor grease a note, each bearing fuel injection 5 ~ 10ml.
Cyclone needed a long time out of water washing cycle, to prevent the accumulation of hydrocyclone with dry sand. And the Department bearing grease filled, dry place, no rain conditions.
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