Gas-fluid Separator for Drilling

Date: 24 Sep 2009

HYQF1.6/6-24/380-W gas-fluid separator for drilling is a kind of special well control equipment for cleaning drilling fluid. The gas-liquid treatment capacity is great and operating
pressure is high. Separate bubbles that diameter larger than 325mm in the gas cut mud mainly. It’s junior degassing equipment, dispose of free gas in the gas cut fluid, avoid harmful gas environmental pollution and health hazard.

Operating Principle
F1.6/6-24/380-W gas-fluid separator for drilling adopts principle of gravity separation. When gas cut fluid entering into the inflow point of gas-fluid separator through incoming-stream manifold, it will impact baffler firstly. Flow velocity is becoming slowly and beating bubbles. Under the action of gravity, drilling fluid which is heavy subsides to liquid field, but gas enters into gas phase field through deflection demister, gas is rising and drilling fluid is descending. Gas is carrying on gravitational settlement separate in bubbles of gas phase field, and then entering into demister to further separate bubbles of gas phase field. Gas is discharging through vent. Flow velocity of drilling fluid entered into liquid field is becoming slowly, residual gas and drilling fluid is keeping on settlement separating. Bubbles are disposed by webby demister, and then free gas is discharged through vent. Drilling fluid is entering into circulation pot through discharge pot of gas-fluid separator, gas is led to a place by pipeline which is 75m far away through discharge port and fired by igniter automatically.


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