Oil/Gas/Water separators

Date: 23 Mar 2009

Material used:


Pressure vessel steels (Domestic specifications GB 150)/Materials specified by ASME/Stainless steel/Anti-sulfureted hydrogen steel/Low temperature steel/Clad steel plate(Carbon steel+SS, Carbon steel+clad plate)


Main performance:

The liquid content in natural gas separated by separator is not exceeding 50mg/m2 and the oil droplet diameter larger than 10um will be separated from gas.

Filtration separator can separate effectively more than 98% of 1um particles.

Water content in separated crude oil is less than 5%.

Oil content in separated water is less than 1000ppm.

Contact information:
Lanzhou Petroleum Machinery Research Institute
349 Dunhuang Road Lanzhou Gansu[730050]
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