Date: 17 Jul 2009
Overview: LW400-NY-centrifuge is a solid-liquid separation for the drilling equipment. Without the demolition of pulley, the cylinder to achieve the conversion of two 2400r/min and 1800r/min and realized a dual-purpose machine. As a result of drilling in order to resolve the differences in AIDMO a different high-speed centrifuge to match the long-standing problems at the same time, as a result of the aircraft carrier leaves inlaid on the hard alloy block, greatly increased life.
Uses: This machine mainly used to control the drilling fluid density, viscosity and reduce the solid-phase fluid content, remove harmful solid-phase recovery barite, as well as the cyclone flow at the end of a second to ensure the recovery of drilling fluid Excellent performance, increase the speed of drilling.
Installation and maintenance:
1, the installation of centrifuges away from the mouth of the mud pump inhalation on the 3rd top of the tank can be arranged in accordance with the actual situation
2, to review whether the fasteners fasteners, as well as lubricating parts of the lubrication situation.
3, the long outage centrifuges should be cleaned and roller conveyor, no card to confirm the phenomenon of resistance before the start.
4, idling should start running 10-15 minutes, has confirmed that the normal operation of centrifuges, and then open for the pump for small to large plasma volume, so far to the right.
5, if the fluid viscosity is too high, should be diluted to increase water and lower viscosity, solid-state speed up the velocity to increase processing power centrifuges.
6, Winter attention to the use of antifreeze.
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