centrifuge separator (LW455-NY)

Date: 17 Jul 2009
1.General description
Type LW455-NY-B are special devices to separate solid phase from well drilling liquid,which are new generation type developed and designed according to the actual demands of oil drilling and on the base of studying current domestic and foreign centrifuges.
This machine belongs to subsidence typewhich uses centrifuge force force to separate solid from liquid,i.e,the high density solid phase is subsideded and separated on the action of centrifugal force produced by the centrifuge at high rotating speed,its parameters can be changed through adjusting the rotation speed,so as to meet the demand of different oil well conditions.this machine has good adaptability for different well condition,and is able to process mass flow and to separate supermicro harmful particles from mud slush,Hard alloy is inlayed in the conveyor vanes of the centrifuges lengthening their using life several times.
This machine is mainly used to control the density and viscosity,to reduce the solid content of well drilling liquid,to remove the harmful solid phase or recover barite,and to recover and reuse the bottom flow so as to guarantee the high performance of well drilling liquid and raise drilling speed.
After the well drilling liquid is processed,not only the density and the viscosity are controlled,its sand content is also cut down greatly.Therefore,the machine using life is extended.The economic benefit and social benefit are obviously obtained.
Because the two-type centrifuges have features of reasonable design,good adaptability,high processing volume,easy operation and convenience of maintenance,and timely supply of parts,they are very popular with customers.
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