Date: 17 Jul 2009
150PSA-sand outlined in the Manual and use:
150PSA-sand for the horizontal single-stage end suction centrifugal pump cantilever. The pump for conveying mud, mortar, as well as the pulp with a similar liquid particles suspended solids, oil drilling mud mine purification equipment necessary one. Direct drive motor into gear and drive two Triangle. The use of pump sealed the vice-plus impeller fill in the form of a double seal. Long service life, is the domestic pump industry in the form of preferred seal.
Installation, use, maintenance, maintenance;
1, pumps and motors directly linked, with the electric pump installed in the same base.
2, before the operation should be added to the amount of lubricant inside the fuel tank bracket, the ruler of oil through the control of fuel volume.
3, pump operation, such as the Department seal the leakage of liquid through the axis round nut adjustment, vice impeller cover and decompression gap, the gap should be less than 0.5mm.
4, the pump stopped after the transfer, such as the Department seal the leakage of liquid, adjustable packing gland in order to better not leak.
5, pump the slurry into the tube can not be too long, there is not a rapidly changing and the Hump, the respirable pipe, exhaust pipe should be supported, and there is no load-bearing pump body.
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